At Bumbo, we believe every child deserves a bright future. For more than a decade, we have made high quality infant and toddler products that help your little ones sit up on their own, step up to places they can’t yet reach, and build up their confidence as they gain independence. Our products solve every day parenting challenges, while encouraging parent and child interaction and quality family time.

Floor Seat

Sit and Discover

The Bumbo Floor Seat is a parenting essential and the perfect first seat for babies. The Bumbo Floor Seat should only be used when your baby can support his or her head. With the Bumbo Floor Seat, parents can engage with their child during key developmental milestones from playtime to feeding time and give baby a chance to see his or her surroundings from a new perspective.

Key Features

  • Is soft, comfortable and easy to clean

  • Fits baby’s posture with contoured seat

  • Includes a three point harness

Warning! Avoid serious injury from falls and other hazards.

Learn more about the Bumbo Floor Seat Proper Use.



Play Tray

Snack and Play

The Bumbo Play Tray attaches to your Bumbo Floor Seat to create a fun play surface that keeps toys and snacks within baby’s reach. The Play Tray is great for feeding time and playtime, helping to further develop your baby’s motor skills. The Bumbo Play Tray is an ideal accessory to the Bumbo Floor Seat (sold separately).

Key Features

  • Creates a play and feeding surface within your child’s reach

  • Is easy to clean and attach


3-in-1 Multi Seat

Functions as a Floor, Booster and Feeding seat

Ideal for babies who have already mastered the Bumbo Floor Seat, the NEW 3-in-1 Bumbo Multi Seat™ can be used as a floor, feeding or booster as soon as your child can sit unassisted up to three years old. Retractable chair straps allow baby to join the rest of the family at the kitchen table, while the height-adjustable base and removable, foam cushioning allows the Multi Seat to grow with your child.


  • Adjustable height

  • Retractable chair straps

  • Tray attachment

  • 3-point harness

  • Wide, stable base (full contact with floor)

  • Soft Bumbo foam cushion (remove to create space for growing child)

  • Built-in storage for Tray, Foam Insert, Chair Straps

Warning! Avoid serious injury from falls and other hazards.

Learn more about the Bumbo Multi Seat Proper Use.



Booster Seat

A Seat at the Table

The Bumbo Booster Seat is made especially for toddlers to help them sit comfortably at the table in an adult chair. Whether it is feeding time or playtime, this seat gives a much needed boost for engaging with your child.

Key Features

  • Is easy-to-clean and lightweight

  • Soft seat helps child sit comfortably at the table

  • Includes a three-point harness

  • Adjustable straps attach to most standard four-legged chairs



Step ‘n Potty

3-in-1 bathroom solution

The Bumbo Step ‘n Potty is the answer to all your toilet training and bathroom challenges. It converts from a potty trainer to a toilet trainer and step stool to guide your toddler through toilet training. 

Key Features

  • Lid stores securely in base

  • Converts to a slip-resistant step stool

  • Slip-resistant base

  • ‘Stage 2’ toilet trainer fits most adult toilet seats

  • Soft and ergonomically shaped to provide support and comfort

  • Removable inner potty for easy cleaning


Toilet Trainer

A Simple and Secure Transition

The Bumbo Toilet Trainer gives your child a sense of confidence and security that is very important when potty training. Its unique one-piece design provides secure and comfortable seating for your potty training toddler.

Key Features

  • Easily fits on adult toilet seats with nothing to attach or remove

  • One-piece design is soft and easy to clean

  • Contoured seat provides support and security for your toddler


Step Stool

Step up to Independence

The Bumbo Step Stool helps toddlers take those first steps toward independence. It provides a stable surface for toddlers to reach the sink or toilet.

Key Features

  • Is sturdy, lightweight and portable

  • Has a slip-resistant surface on base and step

  • Great for use with the Bumbo Toilet Trainer


Changing Pad

Soft and comfortable

The Bumbo Changing Pad is soft and comfortable for your baby. It is also contoured to make your baby even more comfortable. 

Key Features

  • Ergonomically shaped

  • High side support

  • Easy to clean

  • Adjustable restraint belt included


Suction Toys

Hildi the Hippopotamus, Enzo the Elephant, Luca the Lion and Gwen the Giraffe

Designed for playtime and teething, this suction cup toy attaches to any smooth surface. The bead maze, rotating body and rattle beads help baby develop motor skills and stay entertained.

Key Features

  • Suctions to any smooth surface for playtime

  • Soft antlers for teething

  • Spinning clear belly with rattle beads

  • Flexible base allows animal to spring back and forth

  • Animal rotates and clicks

  • BPA-Free


Playtop Safari

Suction Tray

Convert any smooth surface to a safari play time with the playtop Safari Suction Tray. The tray easily suctions to Bumbo trays, highchair trays and tabletops for endless entertainment. With its included bead maze, mirrored book, elephant toy, and spinning ball, it’s a good thing there’s a snack and cup holder to keep refreshments close at hand!

Key Features

  • Suctions to any smooth surface for playtime

  • Converts seat tray to play surface

  • Includes colorful book with mirrored page

  • Bead maze encourages motor skill development

  • Elephant toy rotates and click

  • Cup holder keeps drinks and snacks nearby

  • Pull tabs for easy release

  • BPA-Free


Stages Safari

Adjustable Play Center

The play center that converts from infant to toddler with the turn of a knob! Take your child on an adventure with the Stages Safari Adjustable Play Center. It works perfectly with a Bumbo seat or for tummy time, sitting, or standing play. The Stages Safari rotates to keep your child entertained with two sides of toys and easily collapses for convenient storage.

Key Features

  • Activity center works with Bumbo seat or on its own

  • Easily adjust legs with the turn of a knob

  • Adjustable legs allow for use while child is lying, sitting, or standing

  • Includes two sides of play with 9 sensory toys that encourage hand-eye coordination and teach cause and effect

  • Rotating activity center locks in place and keeps play fresh

  • BPA, PVC, and Phthalate-Free

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